Issues: Language restrictions, language bans, discrimination, integration, assimilation, human rights, equality, racism, prejudice, freedom of opinion, religious tolerance & protection, mother tongue, multiculturalism, academic underachievement, constitution, citizenship, legal action,  European Convention on Human Rights, "conscience-loyalty" test, European "core values," Islamophobia, universal values, ethics...

While you determine the position you will take on this subject, take into account any legal inconsistencies or double standards which weaken European arguments to restrict Turkish (e.g., EU demands that Kurdish and mother tongue be taught in Turkish schools)


Does the enforcement of a ban on speaking Turkish contravene the German Constitution and/or other European human rights values?
Are Turks, and those who speak other languages, being discriminated against because of the the language they speak?
What does integration entail, and what does "becoming part of our society" mean, as stated by one German official?
What are "civic values"?
Do people have a right to an education in their mother tongue?
Is the proposal of a "loyalty-conscience test" discrimination on the basis of religion?

List other issues of the debate before taking a position.

WHAT RESPONSES HAVE BEEN TAKEN? Restrictions obeyed. Turkish media coverage. Accusations of discrimination by members of political groups & other anti-discrimination advocates.

WHAT RESPONSES CAN BE TAKEN? Arguing the bans/restrictions are anti-constitutional and against European Union conventions. Taking legal action.