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Course Topics

This course aims to increase awareness of the important role lobbying and grassroots advocacy play in foreign and domestic policy, in representing business interests, in the election process, and in influencing public opinion. The course is divided into 15 units. A glossary of lobbying terms, links and background material can be found within this web site. After the completion of individual and collaborative term projects, speakers from different fields of public relations, the media, civil society, communications, advertising and marketing will participate in a panel discussion at the end of the term.

Unit 1: 
Who are lobbyists and what motivates them?

Unit 2:  Turkey's Image Abroad.

Unit 3:  The history of Turkish communities worldwide and the reasons for a weak Turkish lobby.

Unit 4:  National & ethnic interests; Anti-Turkish lobbies, misrepresentation of Turks and the manipulation of historical facts.

Unit 5:  The Turkish lobby dilemma in the United States as a case study.

Unit 6:  Problems encountered by Turkish lobbies in the EU, Germany, France & worldwide.

Unit 7:  Current issues and the role of public diplomacy.

Unit 8:  What can be learned from powerful lobbies such as the Jewish/Pro-Israel lobby?

Unit  9:  New approaches to educating & informing Turkish lobbying groups.

Unit 10:  Media relations, advertising & professional communications skills.

Unit 11:  Initiatives for Individuals and public speaking.

Unit 12:  Initiatives for communities, campaigns, and NGO's.

Unit 13:  Fund-raising, public relations, and what can be done domestically.

Unit 14:  Turkish lobbies undergo a period of transition: The need to strengthen old and new leadership.

Unit 15:  Long-term strategies and lobbying in the post-September 11 era.


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